REBELSPIRIT is a young, dynamic company located in the South of Spain. Made up from a multinational team with expertise in a wide array of fields, ranging from consumer goods, licensing, merchandising, advertising, marketing, and everything in between along with experience in the launch of another very successful energy drink, the REBELSPIRIT team along with Che Guevara have everything it takes to revolutionise the energy drink market.

After experiencing global success in associating his name with prestigious brands such as Apple, Coca Cola, News... Che Guevara is now displayed on a new and unparalleled energy drink.

By adding Alberto Korda's famous photograph of Che Guevara with his signature beret to the REBELSPIRIT cans by means of our worldwide exclusive license, our product is instantly recognisable with a product image that is different and extremely iconic and powerful, allowing consumers to immediately identify the message Che Guevara REBELSPIRIT Energy Drink brings them.


REBELSPIRIT is extremely proud to be able to associate such an important image to its drinks, and as such only produces products that correspond to the Che image, the highest quality ingredients and a touch of rebellion to set it apart from the competition, both in terms quality, taste and image.

Che Guevara REBELSPIRIT Energy Drink, it’s time for revolution, your revolution.

Che Guevara Energy Drink Cans